World class education for enterprising engineers with a creative mind-set.

Don’t follow the rules. Play a whole new game. Dare to join us?

Why students choose NEW SKOOL:

World class education at post-bachelor level combining theory and practice, school and work
Deep technology, business development and leadership
It changes who you are: kick-start your career
Study without running up a debt

Why companies choose NEW SKOOL:

Grow your company with students and future staff that generate real impact
Design the curriculum with us to fit your industry’s needs
Gain first hand access to the latest developments in technology

Unique features of the NEW SKOOL programme:

Our students shape their own curriculum and grow their own personal leadership
Our students learn to innovate products and processes in fields such as robotics and systems engineering
Teaching is done at unique, inspirational locations such as Sarajevo and Århus
Students select new students - the programme is only accessible after a selection procedure

Dare to join us?

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Dr. Vincent Wiegel 06 - 31 69 40 38 of Lejla Brouwer MBA 06 - 21 85 44 20

For students a selection procedure applies. There is only a limited number of places available. Open to engineers with a bachelor degree.